Top X90 Pics !

What is That

The X90



Rebull X90


Quite a few X90 found homes with Red Bull as promotional vehicles.

Is it Real?


This is cool, I wish I knew if it’s a one off or a kit, or even real, i want one.

Sport Car


V8 X90


Denis from Russia, with what must be the worlds first V8 X90, Not an off roader but defiantly a sweet X90 Hybrid creation. Still has 4WD and low gear with a Toyota 4-liter V8 and a isuzu bighorn transmission. See More Here

Rally Racer


Snow Plow?


Doc Holliday, Central Indiana Plows snow with ?

” Worlds Foremost X90 Site “

Inspiration & Information for your Modified Suzuki X90

Welcome to GenerationX90 who needs a jeep right?  We the original GenerationX90 Members in Southern California started Generationx90 Club back in 2003 with four members and grew to as much as seven at one point. We started the Web page since every where we went especially as a group we drew a lot of attention and caused crowds to form. This was our way to tell people about our cars and show off our very rare unique off road vehicles.  We have a special connection with our local Desert, Anza Borrego, Ocotillo Wells, Ocotillo and of course our local mountains from Big Bear to Mexico, and the X90 Conquers it all.

Do you have a X90? We want to see how you modified your X. As you can see we’re all about off road of any kind, so if you have done off road modifications to your X we want to see it! Send us pics, tell us where you’re from and all about your X and we’ll make you a member. 

We continue to receive response from people around the world about these amazing X90’s. They share the passion for our big little x90’s. It’s amazing to see and share everybody’s ideas. Seeing all the different styles and custom modifications. This inspires all of us to make our own a little different and little better and even something else.

It’s not like we can just go out and buy any thing you need or want and bolt it on. Most of what you see is custom one offs or other products customized to fit. There are products out there that are made to fit, like motors and under side, but exterior body and interior items are hard to come buy so if you know of a source of a cool item let us know about it.

TRAIL PROVEN, Rating Not Necessary !

We've gone International.

It’s really cool we get replies from people all over the US and the World. We have upped the game.  Everyone’s X90’s  just keep getting better and better. The international members are trying to take over with some really nice builds. We’re so impressed and honored by the all the responses.  We are asking for people to represent GenerationX90 by Displaying our logo on the their X90.  We have created  an International GenerationX90 Ambassador member status. If you display Our Logo on your X90 we will highlight yours on our front page.  Step it up, balance form and function, show it off represent and brag about it.


Thank You

Web Master

Our First International GenerationX90 Ambassador

DC-601 .Inc “Hiroi” From Kyoto Japan

Hiroi Owens a custom car shop “” and was so inspired by the X90 and our site he wanted to build his own and represent us. See more of Hiroi’s awesome ride in the Members Gallery.

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 New Zealand

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