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My name is Dan and I am the Webmaster and co creator of Generationx90.com site. ┬áJim our founder and originator helped create all of our X90’s. Both my Brother my Wife and I have custom X90 as well as several of our friends. We are always looking for more X90 owners to join our non profit club. The X90 is one of the rarest production vehicle on (and off) the road today. As any X90 owner knows it’s possible to go six months or more without seeing another one. As team leader I am inviting you to join us and share tips & tricks that make the X90 better than ever. Send us a picture and story of your X and we will be happy to post it. Put Our Logo on your X90 and become a Generationx90 Ambassador and be highlighted on our Home page.

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Send Us Your Pic & Bio of Your X90 to X90Suzuki@Generationx90.com

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I will allow use of this logo for Club Membership only not for commercial use copy righted and owned by GenerationX90.com