3" Lift "The Transformation"

This is a must minimum mod,. Here is a before and after look from stock to an installed Cal Mini 3″ suspension lift kit and all the skid plates. Rims, and tires, there was a little cutting done to the front wheel wells to fit these 235/75/15 BFG’S. If Suzuki sold the X90 in this form they would have definitely sold way more.   This mod makes this car surprisingly capable, and is enough for the average off roader.

6" Lift and custom bumbers

Another must mod for most unless you want to re-fit the stock bumper after a 6” Cal Mini lift kit. Custom front and rear tube bumper and a spare tire mount. We also flip the gas tank and tuck it up a little higher.

More on the six Inch Lift

This is not a must mod for if your not keeping the original bumpers, After Installing Cal Mini’s 3″ Body Lift, 3′ Suspension Lift, Steering Stabilizer kit and Skid Plate Kit, we install custom tubular bumpers strengthen the frame and raising and flip the gas tank.

Next Level “Strut Removal”

This is not a must mod for all but for Don it is. Don is one of our original members and he has a need for speed and wanted more from his X90’s Front and Rear.  So since he already had the Cal Mini 6 inch kit he decided to try out Cal Mini’s New Extreme Duty Strut Eliminator System. Needless to say it ripped it out and sent it back.  He has an excellent fabricator that has done a lot of work for us build him a custom system built on top of the 6 inch kit that was already install and working. It is still being tested but so far it’s solid and works great. And of course the rear hydraulic bump stops,  relocate shocks mounts and limiter straps can set a pretty fast pace.

The Hybrid

This X90 infuses the best of two respected worlds “Suzuki/Toyota” Installing Trail Toughs link arm kit with Toyota straight axles front & rear, Upgraded chassis tubular bumpers rock sliders, partial exoskeleton, spare tire mount, Light bar, light guards, skid plats winch, and accessory hitch receivers front and back.